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Better Blogging Tips: Grabbing Attention

Craft an Attention-Grabbing Headline

The headline is the most important part of the blog post. You must write a headline that demands attention and forces your visitors to read on. Most of your visitors will only read your headline. If it doesn't instantly grab their attention, they'll move on and never return.

Take your time with your headlines. Many bloggers pour a lot of effort into writing engaging and interesting posts, but then just slap any old title onto them without realizing that in doing so they might be ensuring that their posts are never read.

A headline should not only use words that will grab the reader's attention, but it should also be descriptive. Readers must be able to grasp the gist of an article by reading its headline. Descriptive headlines are especially important for representing your weblog in search engines, newsfeeds (RSS), and other external environments. In those contexts, users often see only the headline and use it to determine whether to click into the full posting.

Good headlines will set your posts apart from the clutter around them and draw readers into your posts. Grabbing attention might be done by using tactics of shock, big claims, controversy or even confusion. While these tactics do work at getting people in, it should also be said that they can do more damage than good if the rest of your post doesn't live up to the promises your headline makes. By all means try to grab attention, but just don't trick your readers into thinking that you'll provide them with something you can't give them.

An effective title draws people into reading more because they feel you've got something to say that they NEED to hear. Quite often the articles that get the most attention are 'how to...' or tutorial types of articles that show readers that they will learn how to solve a problem or need that they might have.

Headlines have a big impact on how your blog posts will be indexed by search engines. If you want to maximize your power, you should consider carefully selecting relevant keywords to insert into your headlines. This of course is challenging when you are attempting to keep them simple and to also grab attention and intrigue, but it can be done.

Write a Descriptive Introduction

Once you've captured your reader's attention with the headline, you'll now need to direct their attention to your introduction and keep them interested in what you have to say. Keep your introduction brief and to the point. Let them know exactly what you have to offer them.

Don't bury your main point; make it as clear as you can. One technique to ensure this is to get your main point across in the first few sentences of the post, rather than burying it in your conclusion.