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Better Blogging Tips: Establishing Trust

Provide an Author Biography with Photo

Anonymous writings have less credence than something that's signed. And, unless a person's extraordinarily famous, it's not enough to simply say that Joe Blogger writes the content. Readers want to know more about Joe. Does he have any credentials or experience in the field he's writing about?

A photo is important because it offers a more personable impression of the author, rather than something that's written by someone working for the PR department of a big corporation. You enhance your credibility by the simple fact that you're not trying to hide. Also, users relate more easily to somebody they've seen.

Write for Your Future Boss or Client

Whenever you post anything to the Internet -- whether on a weblog, in a discussion group, or even in an email -- think about how it will look to a hiring manager or client... now, or 10 years from now. Once your writing is out, it's archived, cached, and indexed in many services that you might never be aware of.

Years from now, someone might consider hiring you for a fantastic job and take the precaution of Googling you first. Even if Google isn't around, there will always be some sort of super-snooper service that'll dredge up anything about you that's ever been digitized. What will they find in terms of negative analysis or offensive, nasty flames published under your name?

Think twice before posting. If you don't want your future boss or client to read it, don't post it.